Yorkie Puppy Scam


I feel it is truly a shame I must add this page but I feel the responsibility to keep people informed on how to educate and protect themselves from these criminals that prey on people's desperation for a Yorkie puppy to love.

Most of the time an ad will be posted on the Internet for a yorkie puppy for sale cheap ($150-$300) or free and all you do is pay shipping. You send the money, and the Yorkie puppy never arrives. Lesson #1, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Often times the person selling the yorkie puppy is a missionary or working in another country and must sell the yorkie puppy quickly. There is usually some kind of sad story or story of charity work involved. They will usually ask for Western Union or a money order as payment. Most yorkie puppy scams originate in Cameroon Africa. This is what they do for income, scam people out of their hard earned money!

They may also pose as a yorkie puppy breeder here in the USA. They promise you a purebred yorkie puppy for a cheap price! (warning #1) Again you send the money and your yorkie puppy never arrives! Some will even go as far as to setup a website with a stolen credit card to make themselves appear to be a legitimate source to purchase a yorkie puppy!

I have even have scammers post ads linking to my website, with the hope of using my good reputation to scam people. Always use the phone number and email from the website. My only phone number is 707-720-9042 and theonly email I use for my buisness is tinyyorkiekisses@gmail.com.

Here are some things to watch for in yorkie puppy scams.

1.    They will say the yorkie puppy is free and all you have to do is pay for 

2.    They want payment through Western Union or through a money order.
        I promise if they are asking you for Western Union, it is a scam!

3.    They won't let you pick up the yorkie puppy and the yorkshire puppy 
        must be shipped. 
4.    They usually have bad English and their wording is just odd!

5.    They are missionaries and can no longer take care of their yorkie 

6.   They were praying for someone to give their yorkie baby a loving home. 

If you are buying a yorkie puppy for sale off the internet or are having a yorkie puppy shipped to you please do the following:

 1.    Ask for a new picture of the yorkie puppy with your name and date on 
       a piece of paper in the background  

2.    If possible, ask for references or have someone check the yorkie
        breeder out. Keep in mind references can always be phony. Breeders
        often have family members or friends give fake recommendations.

3.    Have all guarantees, contracts and papers written in agreement as to 
        what the terms are. 

4.    Speak with the vet that the breeder is taking the yorkie to for their vet 
        check. All dogs must be vet checked before going on a plane.

5.    Have your yorkie vet checked as soon as you pick up your puppy. You 
        should do this even before bringing them home, especially if you have
        another dog.

How to avoid a yorkie puppy scam:

* Beware of free or cheap yorkie puppies for sale! Yorkshire terrier's are not cheap. I put a lot of time and money into my yorkie puppies. If it sounds to good to be true then it usually is!

* Never purchase a yorkie puppy over the Internet without talking to the yorkie puppy breeder on the phone! Responsible Yorkshire terrier breeders will want to talk to you first too! 

* Beware of anyone promising to deliver a Yorkshire terrier puppy within so many hours of payment. Most common is 24 hours. It takes much longer to get a yorkie puppy vet checked and booked for a flight to be properly shipped.

* Ask for a vet reference. This is better than using references given to you by the yorkie breeder. A yorkie breeder can always give you names and numbers of friends and family members. If you talk with a vet this is a place of buisness and is more reputable. Ask the vet if this client exists and if they are a dog breeder they would recommend.

* Do NOT send payment via money order or Western Union. These payment methods offer no fraud protection. It is much safer to use PayPal or a credit card. If you are scammed you can do a charge back and the credit card company will refund your money. The credit card company will then pursue legal action against the yorkie scammer.


Tips to spot a yorkie scammer posting:

~ Cameroon Africa. If it has to do with Cameroon it is a scam 100% of the time, no question about it!

~ Payment via Western Union or money order. A honest yorkie breeder will never ask for payment through Western Union. They will accept PayPal or credit cards and are in good standing with their merchant account.

~ Unable to post multiple photos of the yorkie puppy in question. Don't believe any excuse they may have not to send you photos.

~ A Yahoo email account. The majority of yorkie scammers use Yahoo for some reason.

~ An invalid phone number. Make sure you call and speak to the yorkie breeder. With Google Voice it is easy to have a phone number with any area code. If the scammer does have a phone number they generally don't answer the phone. Their bad English and accent is a dead giveaway.

~ Misspellings and awkward, backwards English. There is just something not right with the way they write and word things.

~ They often have their email watermarked on the photo of the puppy they are selling. This is to fool the classified ad, many classified ads don't allow email addresses to be posted due to so many scammers. Type your paragraph here.