Yorkie Growth Chart

Almost everyone that adopts a Yorkshire terrier yorkie puppy, or is looking to buy a yorkie puppy, asks on question. What size will my yorkie be full grown?

People also want to know if you can guarantee what size their yorkie will be full grown. Unfortunately, there is no proven scientific method for predicting the exact full grown size of a yorkie puppy, but there are a few methods that will give you a good estimate of your yorkie puppies adult weight.

The yorkie puppy growth chart below is a good tool to determine adult size. I like to use the yorkie growth chart, along with a few other indicators,  such as the size of the puppies parents, size of litter mates and paw size. Using all these methods combined together and you can be fairly confident of youryorkies adult size.

How To Use the Yorkie Growth Chart

Convert your yorkie puppies weight to ounces (16 oz = 1lb)

Find your Yorkshire terriers (yorkies) current age in the left column

Follow along that row until you get to your yorkies current weight (in ounces)

Follow that column to the bottom of the chart to find the estimated adult weight of your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppyType your paragraph here.