Crate TrainingYorkshire Terriers (yorkies) are high-energy dogs, which can make potty training difficult. Yorkie owners can benefit from crate training to exercise more control over their yorkie puppy during the potty training phase. Crate training is neither a harsh, nor unusual method of potty training your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppy. Crate training works because you are using your Yorkshire Terrier (yorkie) puppies natural instincts to not want to soil their sleeping space. 
 1. Purchase a crate that allows your puppy to stand up and walk around inside. However, avoid selecting a crate large enough for your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppy to have room for a separate toilet area. 

2. Place the training crate in a common area in your home. Place a towel or blanket, toys and treats inside the crate so your yorkie puppy will be comfortable. This provides an incentive for your tiny yorkie puppy to go into the crate and stay inside it.

3. Take your puppy out of the crate every 45 minutes to one hour for bathroom breaks. Guide your yorkie through the same door to the same location outside, or to a potty pad and use the same command such as "go potty" for each bathroom break. This engages your yorkie puppies instincts and trains your Yorkshire terrier to potty where you want at certain times. Praise your tiny yorkie with treats and kisses every time your Yorkshire terrier follows this procedure correctly. Yorkie puppies just love praise!

4. Slowly begin to let your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppy outside of their crate for playtime. Observe your yorkie puppies body language and mannerisms whenever outside of their crate to gage when your puppy has to relieve itself. Watch out for when your yorkie puppy circles and sniffs. This typically indicates a  puppy that is anxious to go potty. Let your yorkie puppy relieve itself as soon as it wakes up in the morning, or from naps, after meals and play sessions.

5. Do not let your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) out of your sight during the crate training phase; any moment could lead to an accident. Yorkies are rambunctious dogs and even a couple of minutes of unsupervised time outside their training crate could leave you with a huge mess.

6. Place your yorkie puppy in an exercise pen or a child's playpen during extended periods of time when you are away. Cover the floor with newspaper (no pages with colored ink!) inside the pen and leave food, water, blankets and toys to make your Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) comfortable. Your yorkie puppy will have no other option than to go potty on the newspaper (yorkies won't go potty on their bedding) when you are gone. After a week or so, slowly start reducing the amount of newspaper sheets you place on the floor and your yorkie puppy will learn to only potty on the newspaper. During the hours you are home carry on with the crate potty training method.